@Splashpointjazz News: Livestream TONIGHT Thurs 28th Jan 2021 7pm GMT

Hi gang

Guess what!?…

Neal Richardson’s “Splash Point Jazz Show” LIVESTREAM GIG goes out tonight! 7pm GMT on our YouTube channel and FaceBook page!

Multiple cameras, grand piano, studio-quality sound and broadcast on FB & YT so you can watch it on your telly!
(Optional Paypal.me tips)

Here’s the Direct Gig Link on YT:
Here’s the Direct Gig Link on FB:

You can click on either of those links at any time to cue it up on your screen 😃
Go on, try it now!

Being the end of January, the theme this week is all about Money and Taxes!!
Have you done your Tax Return yet?

Let us encourage, commiserate, and distract you… 🤣

Seeya later 🙂

Neal & The Splash Point Jazz Mob