Sunday 9 October 2005
JAZZ REVIEW - Dave Gelly
Liane Carroll
Standard Issue (Splash Point) £11.99

There is absolutely nothing 'standard issue' about Liane Carroll. A double winner at this year's BBC Jazz Awards, she is one of the most stylistically flexible pianists around, with a marvellous, slightly husky singing voice. This is her most ambitious release yet, recorded at Abbey Road studios ('best piano sound money could buy') and fizzing with creative energy. She has a remarkable talent for finding new things in songs we all think we know backwards, like Carole King's 'You've Got a Friend', which she shares with guest singer Ian Shaw, or the Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby'. My own favourite is Jobim's 'How Insensitive', in which the plaintive tenor saxophone of Bobby Wellins makes a perfect foil for her voice. And, yes, the piano sound is gorgeous. DG

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