Splash Point Records releases Liane Carroll's fabulous solo album,
"Billy No Mates".
Seaford, East Sussex, UK. 9th September 2003

Hastings-based Liane Carroll, jazz singer/pianist, plays all over the world and has an international reputation for her powerful and passionate performances. The new record label Splash Point Records launches Liane Carroll's solo album " Billy No Mates" with a gig on 14th September 2003 at the 606 Jazz Club (90 Lots Road, London, SW10 0QD. Tel: 020 7352 5953).

Liane Carroll has been playing the piano since she was three and has been performing as a professional pianist and singer since the age of fifteen. She has toured and recorded with artists such as Gerry Rafferty, Ladysmith Black Mombasa and Paul McCartney. What makes Liane's new solo album, Billy No Mates, so unique is the enormous energy and passion she generates on her own.

"It was such a privilege to watch a genius at work. All the tracks are first takes, recorded with Liane singing and playing live. In these days of over-produced, programmed music, we aim to let true musicianship show through instead. We are sure that this recording will bring Liane the recognition such a phenomenal talent deserves." - Neal Richardson, the album's producer and label owner.

Splash Point Records is a brand new album based in Seaford, East Sussex. The label aims to produce crystal clear recordings of musicians at their own Splash Point Studios, using state of the art recording equipment and a fantastic grand piano. Splash Point Records is run by Neal Richardson, himself a professional pianist and singer who has performed in more than thirty countries. "Our aim is to support musicians buy producing and selling quality recordings giving a sizeable percentage of the profits back to the performers." CD's are sold through the label's website www.SplashPointRecords.com. The label is very proud to have Liane as their first client.

"Billy No Mates" the new solo album by Liane Carroll, is released on 14th September 2003 and is available exclusively at www.SplashPointRecords.com

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