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September 2016 - Spark is launched by The Disorder (SPR013EP).

Splash Point Music Ltd proudly announces the release of Spark by the Andy Drudy Disorder (SPR018EP).

This second EP from guitarist/singer/composer Andy Drudy is a blues/rock delight of original songs and exemplary musicianship. It features several special guests not least rock legends Pat Travers and Stu Hamm (Pink Floyd). Andy Drudy has his follow up to critically acclaimed “The Blues Civilisation” - this disorder brings a contemporary take on the blues with some infusions of both jazz and classic rock.

Available from iTunes and all good download sites and record shops.



July 2012 - The Blues Civilisation - the debut EP by the Andy Drudy Disorder is launched (SPR013EP).

"It is a fine showcase for a “new” UK talent, as a singer, a songwriter and one of the best guitarists you’ll hear in this country today......One album of that could never be enough!" Blues & Soul Magazine

"God I love this CD"
Carl Verheyen (Supertramp)

Have you got the Disorder?

Splash Point Records is very proud to “launch” the solo career of seasoned UK guitarist/singer/songwriter Andy Drudy, with an EP of original blues numbers – taking an old idiom and bringing a new twist of urban edge. This is a hugely refreshing new take on the Blues, both historically respectful but future-proofed. The five tracks demonstrate superbly a passion for the blues, mastery of the guitar, and concise composition skills. A veteran of LA’s Guitar Institute, Drudy has worked worldwide in rock, jazz, blues and beyond; in film, TV and radio; from New Orleans to Hong Kong to Glastonbury.

“I have never felt the urge to become a "solo artist" until recent times. As a guitarist, different influences pull me in different directions and no one is as surprised as me as to the end result of this collection of music. My most recent guitar heroes have been Wayne Krantz and Carl Verheyen. So I would have imagined, having to nail my colours to the mast, my solo record to be full of blistering solos and clever left-field composition, but no. What has come out is to all intents and purposes "simple" and hopefully accessible music. Which, in retrospect is not such a surprise. My all-time favourite recordings are albums that have reached a very wide audience. The guitar solos hopefully make as big a splash as possible with as few notes as can be…” Andy Drudy

The Andy Drudy Disorder takes the time-honoured traditions of guitar-based blues, mangling and twisting the form into a modern context, with a contemporary urban undercurrent. The music takes the best of each, and renders a powerful mix of time-warped sonic that drags the idiom into the 21st Century. The grit in the voice, the pungent hooks and earthy narratives punctuated by smart guitar, demand repeated listens and a fresh bottle of bourbon.

Distilled through years of gigging and recording, The Disorder produce a blues encounter unlike any other.

The Andy Drudy Disorder has come to town bringing a new take, a new attitude… and a deviant sting in the tale. The gutters fill with rain, the whiskey flows like wine, and the story of The Blues Civilization rolls ever on.


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